Lets take a moment to talk about something that doesn't get thought about very often. Did you know that one of the biggest killers of desktop PCs, Laptops and All in ones is overheating due to dust and blocked vents or heat sinks? If not don't  worry most people don't. In fact why should you. As long as Netflix, Facebook or your favorite games are good to go, watch, post or game on! However, lets take a moment to give our devices a little TLC and give them a chance at a longer operating lifespan.

"So Mr. Tech guy why cant I just blow some air and clean the dust out?"  Great question. The answer is that although a simple can of air can remove visible dust from your vents it also pushes the dust further into the device or damages fans. To do the job right you need to remove all the panels and heat sinks to clean them and reapply sink grease or replace pads. So let talk turkey for a second. Right now Vividlabs is offering a professional cleaning service for only $25!  That's right $25!

This deal is good through the 7th of February!

Best of all these cleanings can be done while you wait! So bring your device in today!

limited time offer:

$25 professional cleaning service!

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