Computer Recycling Vancouver WA:

Old electronics are often among the most irritating kind of garbage to actually dispose of. Short of throwing them in the trash, an action often forbidden by city laws due to the many toxic metals used to construct most of our electronic devices, there are few facilities capable of eliminating electronic waste. As a result, broken or outdated computer parts, commonly referred to as electronic waste, tend to pile up, either in people's homes or in a landfill. If these old electronics accumulate in someone's home, they tend to be very annoying to deal with, short of shoving them in a box and forgetting about them, hoping that you never have to move or reorganize your house in some way that makes you have to really take inventory. Worse still, unless they are very well stored, they are a dangerous choking hazard for young children, and can cut you badly if they are stepped on or broken.


The Better Solution:

Vividlabs can help you recycle any form of desktop component, including RAM, computer screens, processors, video cards, and much more! We also offer hard drive destruction services for customers who may wish to ensure the security of their data, even after the drive's expiry. The best part is that we can do it all for absolutely free, regardless of what you bring in! Vividlabs can accept the following devices and all their associated components:


  • Computer Components

  • Laptop Comptuers

  • Tablets

  • Cell Phones

  • LCD Screens

Want To Get Rid of a Hard Drive? Worried Your Data Might Be Compromised?

While not usually a concern for the average computer user, companies of all size make heavy use of computers, sometimes powerful ones with redundant arrays of hard drives. If you are a small business owner or otherwise work from home, you may use a slightly beefed up personal computer for many of your work files, including data that you would not want just anybody to dig through. This is easy enough with a solid antivirus and maybe some partitioning...but what about when your hard drive malfunctions and is no longer useful? With the right physical tools and software, an experienced technician can access your data even after the drive is no longer functioning normally.


The Easy Solution: HDD Disposal

In addition to the rest of our recycling services, Vividlabs offers HDD Disposal services. This means that if you want to be certain that your data is secure even after your drive has been disposed of, all you need to do is bring it to our shop, and we will ensure that all the data on the drive is completely destroyed! The best part is that, like the rest of our recycling services, we can take care of this for absolutely free!

Computer Recycling Vancouver WA: The Process

Vividlabs happily accepts walk-ins for any recyclable components. All you have to do is bring them to us, and we'll take care of the rest, absolutely free of charge! Whether you bring them in with their original packaging or a secondhand box, we can help you!