The Toshiba A665 is well known and was sold heavily in our area. We have seen many of these units come into the shop with broken bases and damage to hinges do to a design flaw that allows the screws to pull out of the base causing the plastic to break apart and ultimately break the plastic surrounding the hinge.

Broken Right side base Toshiba A665
Broken Left side base Toshiba A665

Luckily for us our supplier carries modified bases for these particular laptops. The new base is metal reinforced over the plastic and allows for stress to be taken off the hinge to prevent this repair from being necessary again. We have found these replacement bases an extremely viable way to fix an otherwise healthy notebook. While we hope you won’t ever have the problem in the first place if you ever do need this repair done on a Toshiba notebook please give us a call or email us for a quote.

20150518_115808_zpsr7mn4brg Metal Reinforced base Toshiba A665

Remember its always better to get the problem resolved as soon as possible. Continuing to use the damaged device will only cause more damage to the top cover, hinges, base and potentially the LCD its self.